The oil is only extracted from the olives of our company, whose offices and lands are located in the Sabina, one of the most ancient and known areas in Italy where the olive oil is made. This high-quality oil has a very low level of acidity and is totally natural since our production system respects the natural stages of growth and ripening of olives. Furthermore, we apply a natural treatment to the oil. The olives are picked and treated within a day’s time: this is important for the quality of the extra virgin oil. The oil is then stored in stainless steel containers in an atmosphere of nitrogen which prevents the oil oxidation and keeps its qualities and organoleptic properties unchanged.

The Price of our organic extra-virigin olive oil:


0,25 lt: 4 euro
0,50 lt: 6 euro
0,75 lt: 9 euro


1 lt: 10 euro
2 lt: 19 euro
3 lt: 28 euro
5 lt: 45 euro 

Tutti i prezzi devono intendersi IVA inclusa mentre sono escluse eventuali spese di spedizione 


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